Arching: build rounded arches just like the ancient Romans did

Don’t you think it’s so easy

Show your skill by building round arches just like the Ancient Roman builders did, without cement or adhesives of any kind.

Inside the box you will find everything you need to build either a double arch or two medium-height arches. And how about an aqueduct? You can make one by combining multiple sets of Arching. Do you dare?

It is always a surprise

We’ve always found it amazing that the round arch could be built without anything that “glued” the pieces together. It’s a masterpiece of engineering, where every stone rests on the adjacent one and carries the forces to the supporting pillars.

Thanks to the way the stones are cut, they remain in place and don’t collapse. Try it for yourself, it’s pretty awesome.

Our round arch, Arching, is made of 32 pieces of beechwood. That includes the voussoirs, the pillar stones, the imposts, the centring —i.e., the temporary structure upon which to lay the stones during construction— and the measuring stick. It comes in a 13 cm x 13 cm x 13 cm box that weighs 0,76 kg. When finished, the arch it’s 19 cm tall.

Five years and up.

Here they are. Enjoy.

Just sound design and gravity



Here at wodibow we want you to enjoy your Arching for life, but we wouldn’t want its pieces to be indestructible for 1,000 years.

Arching is very well adapted to its environment, because it’s made with 100% natural materials like beech and black poplar wood.

The rounded arch has an excellent design that makes the force of gravity work in its favor.

The ancient Romans didn’t use cement or mortar to bind the stones of their arches and we don’t need any glue to build our Arching.