Chalking O’Clock: you decide what time it is

Chalking O'Clock Main

In analog or digital You can’t be late!

Oh dear! Oh dear! I’m going to be late. But, how can you be late if you don’t know what time it is? With Chalking O’Clock you can choose the time you want so you never arrive late, or you can bring forward something you’re waiting for.

Chalking O’Clock is a chalkboard alarm clock for you to play with and write the time that others give you. The traditional clock with hands comes with a digital clock so you can write the same time digitally.

Chalking O'Clock Pieces

You will be the one who dominates the time.

And, you can also learn the time in your own language or in others. And if you don’t like the time you put, rub it out and write another one. If you’re hungry, you can put the clock forward. If you’re sleepy in the morning, move it back.

If you want to make it more difficult you can use AM and PM, that’s another level.

Chalking O’Clock contains 10 beech wood pieces. The frame and the hands are painted with eco-friendly water-based paint. The clock face and the display are coated with chalkboard paint, so that you can write the time with 6 colored chalk sticks. Chalking O’Clock comes in a 19 cm x 14 cm x 14 cm box that weighs 0,4 kg.

Three years and up.

Here they are. Enjoy.

Time to play with time



No Plastic

Here at wodibow we want you to enjoy your Chalking products for life, but we wouldn’t want their pieces to be indestructible for 1,000 years.

Natural Beech Wood

Chalking O’Clock respects the environment with its 100% natural materials: chalk, beech wood and ecological paint.


The pieces of Chalking O’Clock stick together because there are tiny magnets embedded in them.

Will Powered

Chalking O’Clock doesn’t require winding or batteries or plugs in order to work. The only thing it needs is your will to play with it.