Chicok: Is it a chicken, or is it a rooster? it’s both at the same time

What was first, hen or rooster?

We’re a little stuck. After countless meetings, we asked around and we still don’t have a good answer.

So: The rooster and the hen both hatch from eggs. The hen lays the eggs, but the rooster has to mate with the hen to lay an egg with a baby chick. So, if that’s all true, who was first? It boggles my mind. Think you can help?

We have found the solution

Well, in the event you have no idea how to answer this philosophical conundrum, we decided to solve it ourselves… by creating the Chicok. It’s a rooster and a hen, depending on how you put the puzzle together.

So, you can make a rooster or a hen and never have to decide. And you don’t even have to feed it, because Chicok is entirely self-sufficient. We activated its heart so it can move around and find feed, and you can leave it at home whenever you need to without worrying if it’s gonna get hungry.

So it is your turn to play it

Chicok is a rooster, or a hen, made up of nine 100% beech wood pieces treated with beeswax and olive oil. And the cockscomb is painted red, of course, with eco-friendly water based paint. It comes in a 32,5cm x 29cm x 10,5cm hen house shaped box. It weighs 0,75 kg and, when assembled, measures 28cm x 23cm x 9,5cm.

Five years and up.

Here they are. Enjoy.

It changes whenever you want



You don’t need any tools or glue to assemble your Chicok; there are tiny magnets embedded in its pieces that make them attract each other.

Chicok is very well adapted to its environment, because it’s made with 100% natural materials like beech wood and ecological water-based paint.

Here at wodibow we want you to enjoy your Chicok for life, but we wouldn’t want its pieces to be indestructible for 1,000 years.

Its gear core makes Chicok the first prototype in wooden mechanical poultry.