Emoying and Nanoemo: How do you feel today?

Do you want others to know how you feel today?

Emoyings and Nanoemos get angry, mock, laugh and cry. You decide their/your mood by combining their halves. Use them on the fridge or on the table; and, if you’re in the mood, take pictures and share them in social media.

This —or that— is my mood. An emotional barometer to share with whomever you want. “Warning: don’t enter into my room or I’ll bite your head off”; “Today you can ask me anything, I won’t say no”; or “With my glasses, the sky’s the limit!”

See if you can find all the emotions

Emoyings and Nanoemos are made with solid beech wood pieces and magnets. Their expressions are painted with eco-friendly water-based paint. There are halves with eyes and halves with mouths that you can combine in any way you want.


The Emoying are BIG

12 pieces to make 36 expressions. They come in 13 cm x 13 cm x 13cm box and weighs 1 kg approx. Each face is 12 cm in diameter and 2 cm thick. Now I’m happy: I smile and wink!

The Nanoemos are small

Nanoemos are small, so it’s much easier to take them everywhere. They share the same moods and expressions as their big Emoying brother; they get angry, scared, ecstatic, or ironic. They laugh, love, doubt, and get surprised. They measure 6 cm in diameter and are 1 cm thick. They come in 11 cm x 6.5 cm x 6.5 cm box that weighs 0,19 kg.


Two years and up.

Here they are. Enjoy.

Up to 36 BIG faces


Up to 100 (nano) faces




Your Emoyings and Nanoemos have tiny magnets embedded in their pieces that allow you to attach them to metallic surfaces.

Natural Beech Wood

Emoying and Nanoemo expressions are quite natural because their pieces are made with 100% natural beech wood.

No Plastic

Here at wodibow we want you to enjoy your Emoyings and Nanoemos for life, but we wouldn’t want their pieces to be indestructible for 1,000 years.

Fridge Friendly

Emoyings and Nanoemos are perfectly adapted to look beyond cute on your refrigerator door.