Here you have our products

Here at wodibow we express ourselves with wood and let our favorite ideas come to life as unique wooden shapes. We wish to share these games with you so that you can let your imagination fly and have a great time.

With our products you can challenge your memory, wit, intuition and dexterity; or you can simply play and have so much fun that you’ll lose track of time.

Travel the world living ECO adventures.

Build and paint everything you imagine and change it whenever you want.

Create new routes to get where you want.

You can relate everything you want, every day a new game.

Paint your emotions with your style and play to change them.

Combine all the emotions and find out how you feel.

Play with all hours, of the day and night. Digital or analog.

Adding and subtracting wooden mice is much more fun.

build rounded arches like the Romans did.

Discover how the hen turns into a rooster. Or was it the other way around?