Today is a great day, and the weather is up to you.

What do you feel like today? A sunny day to go for a run, partly cloudy to go to the theater, or maybe a storm to stay at home and watch a movie.

With these 17 magnetic pieces made of painted beech wood, you can create your own weather station at home and decide, at any moment, what kind of weather you want to have.

You can place them on the fridge, a magnetic chalkboard, or the table. You can photograph them and share them on your social media. It’s about playing with your hands, touching natural wooden pieces, choosing, deciding, and having fun.

WoodWeather consists of 17 solid beech wood pieces with magnets. The painting of pieces representing weather phenomena is ecological and water-based. This way, you can add sun, clouds, wind, rain, snow, storms, or a little bit of everything to your days. Today, it’s sunny with some clouds. What about tomorrow?

We recommend it for ages three and up.

Here they are for you to enjoy.

Enjoy playing with the weather you feel like having.


The Woodweather pieces are made with 100% solid wood, making them completely natural.

Your Woodweather weather station is ready to look adorable on your fridge’s door.

The Woodweather station can adhere to any metal surface thanks to the small magnets.

Woodweather offers you a 100% safe climate change experience for the planet.